As successful property owners of multiple retail centres, our client was experienced in managing and reviewing their portfolio of retail assets on a regular basis. However, assessing the alternative of residential, or mixed-use, redevelopment was not a familiar or practised skill. With one asset in the portfolio nearing the end of its economic life, the client engaged D A Properties to leverage our extensive experience across residential and mixed use development. This enable the client to make an informed decision on which alternative would best match their long term investment objectives.

Using our client’s long term investment objectives, we leveraged our residential development expertise and relevant trusted supply chain to provide an initial planning assessment, massing scope and financial feasibility analysis of the property. As a result of our research and reporting, we concluded that mixed use alternative was the inferior option. The option of residential use required an asset transition and the timeframe needed was also investigated and detailed. Based on extensive reporting and recommendations, our client was able to make an informed decision about their options and next steps.

As a result of our analysis and independent advice, our client was able to review the retail and residential asset renewal alternatives with clarity against their long-term investment objectives and make the appropriate choice. D A Properties continues to provide ongoing support to our client through this process. 

“Our business was able to supplement our retail knowledge and expertise with DA Properties residential and mixed-use knowledge and expertise.  This has allowed us to benchmark all the asset strategy alternatives against our investment objectives and make an informed decision to optimise our asset performance in the future.”

Supermarket Owner