6 March 2022

Lauderdale: homes for tomorrow

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen day by day in this pandemic era we’re living in, but D A Properties has never lost sight of looking to the future and delivering innovative properties built for long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. One project where eco-friendly innovation is on full display is our $15m residential […]


20 November 2020

The 4 Fatal Mistakes in Property Development Assessment

We regularly receive several inquiries through our network of real estate agents and consultants seeking assistance to assess the development potential of a property on behalf of one of their clients. Our observation is that the property owner is making one of more of the Four Fatal Mistakes of development assessment.  By understanding these blockages to progress and how to address them the property owner is able to gain clarity around the development potential and value of their property.


2 August 2020

3 Strategies to Manage the Risk and Impact of Market Movement on Development Profit

Rarely does the property market “stand still” through the 2-3 years it takes to complete a property development.  A movement in the market of 5%-10% may supercharge or erase potential development profit.  

Developers can manage the risk of potential market movement to ensure a development remains profitable and to protect invested capital.


2 July 2020

What Should You Consider When Selling To A Developer?

When, as a property owner, is the right time to sell to a developer? And what should you consider? By understanding what level of profitability do developers require when buying a property the property owner can be realistic in negotiating price for their property.   


2 June 2020

3 Questions to Assess Potential Block Subdivision Developments

Block Subdivision Developments are a great way to become involved in property development in your local area.  This style of development offers the option of creating a new home for the developer and selling the other, or selling both.

With all property development the financial outcome is largely determined at the time of site acquisition.