March 6, 2022

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen day by day in this pandemic era we’re living in, but D A Properties has never lost sight of looking to the future and delivering innovative properties built for long-term sustainability and energy efficiency.

One project where eco-friendly innovation is on full display is our $15m residential development, Lauderdale, located in Fairlight on Sydney’s northern beaches. For us, this project was an opportunity to collaborate with the builder, consultants and contractors to deliver two homes of tomorrow. Homes boasting superior ecological pedigree, and energy efficiency, wrapped in minimalist Scandinavian design and orientated over four levels to maximise views across Sydney Harbour and Sydney Heads.

It’s been five months since we completed Lauderdale and it’s been a rewarding experience in more ways than one. Firstly, it’s incredibly satisfying working collaboratively with the design and development team to create these two stunning homes for their new owners to enjoy. The other key bonus for us is knowing we’ve created two very special properties that purposefully embody technological and environmental innovation at its best – without compromising on lifestyle.

We have created superior living environments for the new owners at Lauderdale. Using digital controls, owners can adjust the temperature, sound and light in their homes to their liking. This is great for convenience and even better for energy consumption with each property’s net use reduced to between zero to five kilowatts per day. Giving owners more control over their home’s internal climate, in ways that use less energy, is great for cost efficiency and the environment.

Digitally controlled indoor climate technology, like the type we installed at Lauderdale, is relatively new in Australia even though it’s been tried, and proven, in North America and Europe. The growing local market demand for technologically advanced energy efficient homes represents a significant attitude shift among purchasers. Lauderdale proves that more owners appreciate, and are willing to pay for, the benefits a house of tomorrow can offer.

Thank you to Platform Architects, JP&S Casey Builders, Dvine Smart Homes and passive house experts Your Abode for providing invaluable advice and leadership to deliver this state-of-the-art development.