• Potential to outperform the market is available to those with superior knowledge, skills, experience and access to the right opportunities
  • No two properties are the same – each property is unique with individual features, metrics and potential
  • Alignment of capital and return is essential; our capital sits equally alongside investors
  • Return on capital is prioritised and upside return is shared with key stakeholders
  • Our approach to capital structure considers non-recourse debt where equity returns are enhanced without adverse exposure to investors


Application of our investment process and sound property fundamentals provides clarity to the risk and return potential of each opportunity we consider.
  • We research the market for investment opportunities and compare them amongst their peer group.
  • If a property has the potential to provide compelling risk adjusted returns, the investment is pursued further.
  • We secure and document an exclusive contractual control over the property.
  • Full due diligence is undertaken, to validate all aspects of the property prior to finalising the purchase.
  • Our ongoing asset management process aims to ensure the property is performing in accordance with the investment strategy and objectives it was purchased under.


We utilise an investment structure that aligns our interests with those of our investors, which allows us to focus on maximising asset performance.

  • D A Properties co-invests in all of our properties
  • Separate investment entities are established for each property
  • Each investment entity is the registered proprietor of the property
  • Limited recourse debt – investors are not liable under the finance facility
  • Regular reporting keeps investors fully informed
  • Investors have direct access to the investment manager