Are you a property investor or entrepreneur with a passion for property? Would you like to learn how to create value, and generate wealth, through property development? We can help you to take the next step.


Through coaching and education we support you during your project development process, helping you to optimise your development experience and final outcome.

David Allen Properties market skills

Market Gap

Educating you on the principles of property investment and development that drive; value, the behaviour of developers, decision making of banks and the behaviour of investors.

David Allen Properties development skills

Knowledge Gap

Our development framework and process provides you with a clear structure and strategy to apply to your property development.

David Allen Properties investment skills

Experience Gap

Drawing on over 30 years of experience and case studies, we accelerate your learning and guide you through the process.

David Allen Properties investment skills

Relationship Gap

We provide you with access to our trusted supply chain of service providers, consultants and contractors.

You may have existing property and want to reduce your development risk by engaging us as your coach. Or, you may want to become more educated in property development to increase your confidence before purchasing a property. Regardless of your level of experience, we can guide you through every step of the development process.

We help individuals who have identified gaps in their property development journey whether that be; market, knowledge, experience or supply. We achieve this by coaching and guiding you through the development process with your project; showing you how to deliver successful property developments. We can help you decrease the risks associated with your project and increase your certainty in optimising your development experience and final outcome.


D A Properties can support you by creating, and adding, value to your property development experience. You can choose to engage us for as long as we continue to add value. Our goal is for our clients to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to undertake their future property development endeavors independently.

Upon engagement, we commence with a foundation session with each client to ensure we are on the same page. Depending on the individual, one or two sessions may be required to lay this foundation.

As soon as the foundation work is completed, we move on to regular monthly coaching sessions. We find the cadence of two coaching sessions per month to be a great balance. It allows you to progress your project, then regroup with us to assess, adjust and align before advancing again.


The following case studies showcase some of the property investments and developments we have recently managed and supported.

John's $20m residential development

"The results and value I have received have far exceeded my initial expectations. I continue me relationship with David because of his credible, honest and consultative approach."
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Mark's $13m residential development

"I have on sold the development after receiving an offer that provided me with a superior risk free return versus undertaking its delivery and associated risk."
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With uncertainty surrounding the property sector POST-COVID, the owners wanted to investigate the available options that optimised the value of, and return from, their investment. 
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Development can be seen as a series of sequential milestones. As each of the milestones is achieved in a development project there is an increase in certainty and a decrease in the risk.

Value is created during the planning phase and it is then delivered during the construction phase.

Download our Value Creation and Value Delivery Framework to understand the stages where you must invest the time and experience to deliver the highest value.

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