If you are a property owner who feels that a change in use, or strategy, may create greater value for your property, we can help you investigate the alternatives to achieve this.

We can fill any skills and experience gaps you may have so that you can optimise your property outcomes and value.


We can fill any skills and experience gaps you may have so that you can optimise your property outcomes and value. D A Properties can offer you:

David Allen Properties market skills

Market skills and experience

Educating you on the principles of property investment and development that drive; value, the behaviour of developers, decision making of banks and the behaviour of investors.

David Allen Properties development skills

Development skills and experience

Our development framework and process provides you with a clear structure and strategy to apply to your property development.

David Allen Properties investment skills

Investment Skills and Experience

Drawing on over 30 years of experience and case studies, we accelerate your learning and guide you through the process.

David Allen Properties relationship gaps


We provide you with access to our trusted supply chain of service providers, consultants and contractors.

We combine our property investment and development knowledge with your property ownership experience to review the alternatives and help you select the most beneficial strategy. We can also assist with, or completely deliver, the strategy if required.

Whether you are considering a potential asset strategy review or restructure, an expansion or redevelopment or simply maximising value on divestment, we can help.


The core focus of D A Properties is to help you optimise your property outcomes and value. Every asset is different so we take the time to understand your needs and objectives before providing you with a reverse brief which includes a key milestones timetable and proposed fee basis.

Upon engagement, we commence with a foundation session to review your objectives and establish milestone reviews to ensure we are aligned.

We then undertake our investigations, assessments and financial analysis which is summarised, and shared with you at milestone reviews, to make certain we are all on track.

Upon completion of the engagement, D A Properties and our supply chain will be available to support you with implementation of your selected strategy at the level you require.


The following case studies showcase some of the property investments and developments we have recently managed and supported.

Redevelopment assessment of stand alone supermarket asset

The redevelopment assessment of stand alone supermarket. With one asset in the portfolio nearing the end of its economic life, the client engaged D A Properties to leverage their extensive experience across residential and mixed use development.
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Melbourne cbd commercial office – asset strategy review

Melbourne CBD Commercial office asset strategy review. Our client leveraged our independent institutional quality resources to undertake an urgent asset strategy review at a time when internal resources were fully committed.
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With uncertainty surrounding the property sector POST-COVID, the owners wanted to investigate the available options that optimised the value of, and return from, their investment.
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Assessing a property’s development potential is determined by a range of factors. What you may not realise is that one of the key influencing factors in maximising your property’s development potential is you.

You have the potential to reap greater financial rewards if you get your assessment right.

Get it wrong and you run the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Understand the four fatal mistakes people encounter when assessing a property's development potential. Download our checklist, which will give you the clarity and confidence to understand the next steps in assessing your properties development potential.

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